nowfx was created to give traders an edge in currency trading!

What makes nowfx different?

nowfx was created for traders by traders!

There are many online trading platforms, each include a plethora of their own charts, graphs, opinions and news items. However they miss the target when it comes to entering the investments and safely following the progress of those decisions

The nowfx Trading Software works for you, where it counts — Entering, Managing and Protecting your investments

Choose your own trusted online sources for charts, expert opinions, and news items

nowfx – Features and Benefits

  • Maintains your trading decisions locally on your computer
  • Set automatic Limits (closes) as close as 1 Pip
  • Set Global [close all] as tight as 0.01%
  • Auto-Managed [close all] – user defined profit
  • Auto-Managed [close all] – user defined risk
  • Global Summary – for quick decision making
  • Individual Pair Summary for quick decision making
  • Profit as a percent of all trades, for quick decision making
  • Create your trading strategy easily
  • 200:1 leverage on your trading investment
  • nowfx Trading Software is powered by AvaTrade a financial leader in the FX trading marketplace
  • Reporting engine - review best trading times and best pairs
  • Create customized minimum profit
  • Maximize profit with a uniquely designed trailing stop


I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to your Nowfx program. I downloaded it yesterday and have been trying it out for the last few hours. It was really easy to set-up and with all the various options I can choose I can see how easily I can adjust my risk reward equations for my trading. This a much better platform then anything else I have used and with the way the platform is set-up it'll really help me earn more with my trading.

- Randy G.

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